Wwise Demo Reel (2018)

Presenting.. my demo reel!  

This was put together as my final project for the Wwise course offered by the School of Video Game Audio (SoVGA). The course was intense, coaxing me to jump directly into the fires of video game audio and offer up every ounce of my time for three consecutive months. The final result was incredibly satisfying – I had created an abundance of unique audio assets from scratch, as well as an asset list to document them, and implemented them into the open source retro-style Doom-like game that is Cube. Not a single original sound exists in the level I recreated, just audio designed by yours truly. Please watch and enjoy the Demo Reel video above for a better understanding of the work that went into creating this experience! 

Not featured in the Demo Reel is an original composition that I created specifically for the combat in-game. I was ambitious in trying to implement both location-triggered narratives to add story to the otherwise plotless level of Cube as well as compose music for the levels combat sequences. Due to time deadlines on the project, I made the decision to focus on the narrative lines, as they aligned more directly with the projects focus on sound design. But for those who are curious, you may listen to the composed track below! 

You may notice that the song has distinct sections and progresses in a linear fashion (in this iteration). The idea was to have the song adapt it’s composition in real time depending on the amount of enemies the player was encountering. So depending on the intensity of combat the player was experiencing, the song would construct itself differently. Wwise makes adaptive audio like this possible and is something I would love to explore deeper in the future.